TWiP Family 026: Davina Fear on Photographing Familyness

davinaThis episode is an interview with Davina Fear. Davina is a mother of four who documents her life and lives of her clients. She writes on her blog about familyness – that’s family + happiness. Davina says what makes each family happy is different. She loves helping families see what is awesome about their family through photography.

On Episode 9, I talked to Kirsten Lewis about her Day in the Life sessions. Kirsten photographs a day from the time kids wake up to the time they go to bed. Davina had Kirsten Lewis photograph a day in the life session for her this summer. Davina tells us what was like for her to be on the other side of the camera. She noticed the fingerprints on the walls and sibling squabbles and thought, “Is this what Kirsten is going to see?”

Like me, Davina loves photographing routines. Big events are fun to photograph. Davina was a wedding photographer. She talks about weddings being perfectly planned days. Yes, weddings are important days. But, our lives are made of many unimportant days that are full of everything we love. I talk to Davina about the play, Our Town, that talks about looking at each other and how rich with life our ordinary days are. (Here is the scene I tell Davina about.)

I ask Davina what she thinks about interrupting our children to photograph them. She is quick to note that no parent needs another “should.” And, she also feels that if we don’t bother our kids when we photograph them, they are more likely to cooperate. When photographing her children, she is mesmerized by them. She loves them as they are and photographs them that way.

A few more highlights include, Davina’s thoughts about quality and quantity time with our children, photographing at her grandmother’s funeral and how she photographes her high school ages kids.

Davina’s Simple Tip for Parents

Let you kids be. Don’t cajole. Don’t ask them to look at the camera. Let them be. If you let them be, you’ll see them differently and you’ll have photographs of it.

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  • oh goodness, i love davina fear!!! so so happy you featured her & her huge heart for families on your podcast!!

  • Thank you, Melanie. I loved talking to Davina. You said it – she has a huge heart for families. I’ve thought about our conversation many times in my daily life since talking to her. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. ~Jenny

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