TWiP Family 010: Valerie Jardin on the Power of Limitations

This episode is an interview with Valerie Jardin on the power of limitations. These days she hosts Street Focus but did you know she got her first camera to photograph wolves? Then, she started doing portraits of children. Valerie has done a wide variety of work over the years. While she is well known for her street photography, she doesn’t call herself a street photographer. She continues to do many kinds of photography.

Valerie writes for Digital Photography School. One topic she has written about is the power of limitations.  “The more you limit yourself, the harder you are going to work and the better the results.”

We talk about taking photographs while traveling. Valerie does not bring a bag of lenses with her when she travels, “Why would you?”

Valerie shares tips about how to get great photos while traveling with your family. She tells us the secret to getting great photos in markets. (Become a customer first.)

Valerie’s all time favorite camera is the one she uses now: the Fuji x100s.

Valerie’s Tip: Get close up and photograph the details. For example, your child writing their first word.

I loved talking to Valerie on this family photography podcast. I’m looking forward to trying some of her tips on my next trip – starting with only bringing one lens!

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