TWiP Family 001: Family Stories with Alex Lindsay

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In this episode, I tell some family stories with Alex Lindsay. You may have heard him here on This Week in Photo or on MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte. He’s my brother. We got together and discussed this new TWiP show about family photography.

Winning with Family Photos

Alex talks about taking photos when his son right after his son was born. He put the photos in a book and sent it to our mom. Mom loved it. It was a big win. Another win was when he had a photo book sent to his home from a vacation with his wife. She doesn’t usually like him to take photos on vacation. She forgave him for photographing their vacation when a photo book was waiting when they arrived home from their trip.

The Photos Mom Loves

001_familyobx-1Our mom loves a group shot. We go to the effort when all six of us kids are together to get a group shot. These aren’t our favorite but we love mom, so we do it.

We love getting documentary shots of our family. We also make efforts to get plain old portraits of our kids. And we try to remember to record the places we live.

The Man who Put Cameras in our Hands

I used to take money out of his pocket, and he put cameras in our hands. Both Alex and I both were given cameras by our Uncle Seid. He noticed our interest and shared his love for photography with us. These photos are from a recent family gathering for Uncle Seid’s birthday.

Learning on a Manual Camera

Alex and I both learned on Pentax K1000. Knowing how to use our cameras manually gives us more control. But both of us still use settings like aperture priority too. Speaking of aperture, we both went through a stage of photography when we over used a shallow depth of field.

Let Your Kids Play with a Camera

Kids love cameras. They will learn fast and with a digital camera they won’t be wasting film when they take a hundred shots of their stuffed animals.

The Pictures We All Want to See

That’s what this show is all about. Photos of our families for our families.

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