TWiP Family 000: The Birth of a New TWiP Show

The Birth of A New TWiP Show 

This brand new show is all about family photography.

Parents everywhere are doing it. We’re going to talk about it. No matter what camera you use – DSLR, mirrorless or iPhone – I know you are taking pictures of your kids. You take photos at the playground, in the backyard or on the sidelines of the soccer field. No matter what camera you are using or what you kids are doing, these photos are important.

That’s why we created this show.

In this first episode, I talk with Frederick Van Johnson, photographer and host of This Week in Photo.

The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

As a dad, Frederick has the same experience as many photographers. A photographer might have great skills and world class gear, but do they use it for their family photography? And, if not, why? Does it seem like bringing work home to photograph your family when your job is taking photos?

A Shoebox of Photos

Speaking of shoes, did your mom used to keep all the family prints in a shoeboxes? Mine did. Some made it into albums, some stayed in the boxes for us to rummage through on a rainy day.

Frederick and I discuss a modern version of the shoebox – Apple’s new photo app and cloud storage. The box Apple provides isn’t big enough for all of Frederick’s family photos and Photos makes a mess of his carefully sorted photos. Urg.

Being the Designated Family Photographer

Are you the photographer in the family? What do you do when the a family wedding falls on your shoulders? Do you talk to cousins at a family reunion or take their photo? We talk about how we handle family expectations around our photography.

Watching Your Family TTL (Through The Lens)

Do you photograph your baby’s first steps or put down the camera and watch them walk? Which is more valuable to you: photographs of your daughter’s recital or the experience of simply watching the recital?

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to balancing being present and documenting family life. We also talk about how get into the photos so in years come you are included in the family album. My very simple solution is to have a twelve year old who is interested in photography.

Daily Projects

I have found that taking a few photos every day instead of hundreds on a few special days has helped me. I see little things I might not have noticed or forgotten by the time bedtime rolled around.

Hopes and Dreams for this New Show

It’s just the beginning for TWiP Family. We talk about ideas for future episodes about making albums, how to store your photos, and creating photo projects for our listening community.

Thanks for joining us for the birth of a new TWiP show.

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  1. Hello there. Great show. When will it be available as an iTunes podcast in the Australian iTunes store?

  2. So excited to be listening to you, Jenny! I love the idea of a “friends and family discount” on a professional invoice. Brilliant!

  3. Hi Zane. I’m so happy to have you listening. I thought that idea was pretty cool too. Often the people closest to us don’t really know what our work is worth in dollars.