TWiP Apps 16: StudioBinder; The Cat Wrangler

TWiP Apps 16: StudioBinder

Photo and video productions can involve you and a location… or you, a location, a producer, director, actors, make-up artists, lighting techs, DITs, PAs, DPs, first AD, second AD, and a whole slew of other acronyms. Getting everyone where they need to be, when they need to be there, can be a bit like herding cats. StudioBinder is your cat wrangler. A web-based app that organizes everyone in your production, notifies them where and when to be, and even offers simple confirmation that they will actually show up on set makes this app a must-have for anyone involved in serious production.

Join me, PhotoJoseph, for this episode of TWiP Apps with guest Shant Kiraz, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing of StudioBinder. 

Find out more about StudioBinder:

Twitter: @studiobinder



StudioBinder is a web-based app and is compatible with all platforms.

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Guest App Pick: Priime –

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