TWiP Apps 18: Affinity Photo; To Affinity and Beyond!

TWiP Apps 18: Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo, from the UK based company Serif, is ONE of an eventual three part series of apps designed to fill your photo editing, design, and page layout needs. Based on modern tech, clever engineering and perhaps a bit of magic fairy dust, Affinity Photo is incredibly fast and impressively deep. For those tired of the subscription model of certain other software companies, Affinity Photo may do everything you need at a fraction of the cost. Its brethren apps, Affinity Design for vector based illustration and a forthcoming layout app, as well as an iPad version with feature parity on the horizon, you may find that you are, in fact, ready to take your photo editing to Affinity… and beyond.

Join me, PhotoJoseph, for this episode of TWiP Apps with guest Ashley Hewson, Managing Director at Serif.

Twitter: @Macaffinity


Platform: Affinity is available on macOS 10.7 or later as well as Windows (coming soon).

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Guest App Pick: ProCreate

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  • Joseph, if you know, is it possible to make an animation and “tween” from the flat clock to when it was warped over the steps? If so, that’d be pretty sweet.

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