TWiP Apps 08: It’s Priime Time to Find Your Photo Style

TWiP Apps 08: It’s Priime Time to Find Your Photo Style

Exposure correction. Highlight recovery. Color corrections. Color shifts. Vintage looks. Lifted blacks. Blown out whites. All capabilities found in any number of iOS apps today. But how do you settle on a true “look” that defines your photography? Professional photographers develop their own look through many years of editing thousands — even tens of thousands — of photos. A particular look may be comprised of dozens, if not hundreds, of individual adjustments and corrections. Today’s app, Priime, takes the combined knowledge and experience of dozens of professional photographers and assembles their looks into simple, one-tap styles that you can easily apply to your photos. Priime even analyzes your image and suggests styles that might fit your particular photo best. Designed by photographers FOR photographers, Priime is a deceivingly simple app that may very well change how you look at image editing on your iPhone… completely.

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Priime was demoed on an iPhone and is also available for iPad and OS X.

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Guest App Pick: AvgNiteCam

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