TWiP Apps 04: Zither; The Final Word in Organization

Have you ever let the warranty lapse on a piece of gear that you *knew* needed repair… but were so busy that you forgot to send it in before the warranty expired? Or, have you ever needed the manual for something in your camera bag — but didn’t have it with you? Zither is an app that solves these problems, and more. Today, I talk to Marc Silber, the producer of the Zither, to learn what his app — is all about.

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  • Ron Lawrence

    C’mon!! Four shows so far and two of them were IOS only. If you want me to keep listening, Android needs to be addressed. I don’t mind an IOS only every once in awhile, but there are WAY more Android users than IOS.

    • Hi Ron! Thanks for your feedback. I’d LOVE to have an Android app on, however so far every developer that has come forward is developing for iOS. I can’t debate the number of Android vs iOS users however, especially in the photography space, it’s my understanding that most developers develop for iOS first, Android second. But regardless — if you have an app you want covered, let me know and we’ll reach out to the developer.