TWiP Apps 02: Perfectly Clear; A Retouching App You’ll Clearly Want

TWiP Apps 02: Perfectly Clear; A Retouching App You’ll Clearly Want

In this episode, PhotoJoseph talks to Levi Sim from, who came on to show us an app he represents, Perfectly Clear. This tool can speed up any photographer’s workflow by automatically enhancing almost any kind of images — including portraits — without taking them over the top. We’ve all seen facial retouching apps that turn reality into fantasy, which is something we usually want to avoid, and that Perfectly Clear does beautifully. By the end of this episode, why you’ll want to add this app to your photo retouching arsenal… will be perfectly clear.

Find out more about Perfectly Clear:



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  1. I wonder how this app compares to imagenomic for portraits and skin retouching?

  2. Joseph thanks for doing this one. I am not sure if this was a “paid placement” by Athentec or not. I think you should always be clear if they are paying for the right to be on PhotoApps or not. Following you as I have for the last couple of years I suspect they did NOT pay to be on or you would have said so. I actually went ahead and purchased a copy of Perfectly Clear. I was on the “bubble” on whether or not I needed it but when I looked at the app they had a US Veterans discount. I appreciated the fact that they offered it so much that I went ahead and purchased (I am a veteran). Just started using it and very impressed – crazy easy to use.

  3. Hey Tom! No one pays to be on the podcast. TWiP Apps is a separate business from PhotoApps.Expert. I jus happen to be the host of both and of course cross-promote my content. But as for guests on TWiP Apps, no one pays and that’s certainly not our plan. If for some reason we ever did that (and I don’t see why we would), we’d make it VERY clear that this was sponsored content — just like I do on PhotoApps.Expert.

    Levi happens to be a friend of mine, but that’s unavoidable… I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and I have friends everywhere 😉

    I hope that answers your question!

  4. I’m not familiar with that app… I’ll ask my producer to try to get them on the show!