TWiP #250 – Facebook Hearts Instagram

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This week on TWiP, we continue our use of Google+ Hangouts to discuss Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and 500px’s new “Plus” plan. The panel also talks about what constitutes a “limited edition” of a photograph, and about a proposal from Adobe to bring Photoshop-esque blend modes to HTML.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Sara France, Joseph Linaschke, and Dan Ablan

Episode Overview:

Instagram is acquired by Facebook for the princely sum of $1 billion. The hosts discuss what this means for the photo-sharing service’s future.

500px has a new “Plus” plan for $20/year, which competes with Flickr’s “Pro” plan. This topic led to a great conversation about the difficulties photographers face, trying to manage their presence on all these different outlets for photography.

Famed photographer William Eggleston is being sued for reissuing some of his photos in a different format, leading to the question, “What constitutes a limited edition?”

Adobe wants to introduce Photoshop-style blend modes for images into the W3C specification for HTML.

Frederick sits down for an interview with Pixoto c0-founder and CEO Jason Kiefer to talk about the service that Frederick calls a “Hot or Not” for photos.

Plus, the guests provide buying advice for photographers who aren’t sure which starter camera and lens to buy.

Sara France, Joseph Linaschke, and Dan Ablan join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week’s episode of TWiP.

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  • Great show + Frederick very slick inter changes between guests… One point I use posterous to upload my images and my blogs to blogspot WordPress flickr and twitter its a shame but there is a delay from blogspot to google + but it gets there eventually. Haven’t found a link yet to 500px or deviant art… Anyhow great show looking forward to the next show… Thanks

  • I visited the Pixoto site. I like it but I was able to save photos on my local machine. That is little worrying.

  • Hey Frederick, I just listened to your latest show and the video upload service you were referring to (which used to be tube mogul) is now called ‘’. 

  • Interesting. But I prefer podcast cause I’m listening this while hiking instead of listening a music.

    BTW. What do you do in podcast post production? The voices from the podcast are completely different from these from the hangout. I mean. I checked this hangout just because I wanted to see who the hell this Sara is. Her voice from podcast sounds really bad. She sounds like a little girl. But here on hangout it’s much much better.

  • I like the idea of Photoshop-like blend modes for HTML. Browsers may have come a long way since the old FF vs IE6 inconsistencies, but there are still the various box-model implementations. If I can simply create a texture graphic with CSS to the effect of #navigation { background-blend-mode: difference; }, that could save me a lot of headaches rather than trying to wiggle CSS into pixel-perfect layouts. 

  • Hey Fredrick,

    Sperm Whales diet includes squid, octopus and various fish.  It does not include plankton.

  • 500px picture where awesome in a 60s fantasy trip kind of way the picture were polished to the point of unbelievability. I thought they kind of look like those paintings that people buy at resort vacation malls. Over saturated overly sharpened, Stock.  Overly polished to the point of unbelievability. looked more like realist painting than photography. I felt like I couldn’t show my pics here because my work is way more gritty and harder. I don’t want to polish my pics too the point of seeing my reflection in them.

  • dang, i just put some photo up there. are they going to end up on some stock holder meeting brochure.  🙁

  • Hey TWiP’s  I have been following  They started out as a kickstarter project.  Your photos where you want them.  Dropbox, S3 and so on….  I would love to hear an interview from these guys.  I believe the guy that started it worked for flickr.

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