TWiP #229 – Photographer Focus

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This week, here in the US, is the Thanksgiving Day holiday, so instead of doing our regular round-table discussion, we’ve got two insightful photographer interviews for you.

Host: Frederick Van Johnson

Guests: Eric Doggett and Ryan Enn Hughes


Eric Doggett: First up, Frederick speaks with photographer Eric Doggett. Eric is an Austin, Texas-based photographer who believes there is humor in everything, and believes it’s his photographic mission to seek it out. Have a listen as Eric talks about how that dark sense of humor seeped into his photography and revealed more about himself. Frederick discusses Eric’s military experience (including a funny Y2K story from his Pentagon days), Eric’s technique and style (sometimes, his shots are captured in one frame; other, times they are composites) and takes a listener question or two. Eric also takes us through how he got his start in photography by shooting the wedding of a friend of a friend, then transitioned into shooting for local magazines. The conversation about getting jobs is of particular interest as Eric breaks down how he landed one of his major editorial clients.

Check out Eric’s work on his site,

Ryan Enn HughesRyan is an acclaimed and award-winning motion picture director and portrait photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He was a commissioned filmmaker for The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and, most recently, he partnered with The National Film Board of Canada to develop an interactive art project. Ryan weaves through his evolution as a photographer, from shooting on film and doing stop-motion work using paintings, to cutting-edge work using new imaging technologies and alternative production methods. There are some impressive credentials here, as he’s assisted for Vincent Laforet and been picked for the Eddie Adams workshop. Ryan’s work on his RGB Move and his 360 project has garnered a fair bit of attention around the web as well, and he talks about how that sort of work is what he feels defines himself and what he is most recognized for.

Check out Ryan’s work on his site at


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Photo Credit: Frederick Van Johnson