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Host: Frederick Van Johnson with special guest Evgeny Tchebotarev, Creative Director and Co-Founder of the photo sharing site

You may have heard of 500px, which as some people have described it, is what Flickr could’ve been if they took “the next step” in design or if they were better integrated with social media.

In the Beginning…

Evgeny told Frederick about some of the history of the site, including the fact that 500px actually started a year before Flickr went live. Evgeny and fellow co-founder Oleg Gutsol re-vamped 500px into the site you see today only recently after thinking long and hard about how to make it stand apart from, and in their minds, surpass Flickr. Evgeny does see Flickr as the current “de facto” photo-sharing site, but thinks smaller companies like 500px can better cater to aspiring and professional shooters who want to share (and elevate) their best photography in a public forum.

What’s Next?

As far as where the site is going, Evgeny said it’s hard to tell exactly, but he knows they just acquired their 100,000th user and page views have grown at a 60% increase recently. And in whatever direction the site goes, he wants the quality of photos to improve over time and wants to bring stunning photography to more and more users. 500px is integrated with Flipboard and they are working on an iPhone and iPad app this summer. There are many, many things that they want to build like a Lightroom app, but they have to prioritize because they are such a small team at the moment.

Evgeny also talked about what the premium version of 500px gets you including exclusive designs, no upload limits, and a custom domain.

Questions Answered

Some listener questions were addressed such as when we can see the launch of a SmugMug or Lightroom plug-in, concerns about who owns the copyright and publishing rights to photos once they are uploaded to 500px, algorithms under-the-hood that determine images’ popularity and rankings, why not to import all 45,000 of your photos from Flickr, and much more.

To learn more about 500px, you can check out their blog, follow them on twitter @500px, and of course visit 500px.



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