Travel Gear Review

Doug and Gordon go beyond just cameras and lenses and take a look at some of the other gear they use and recommend, specifically for travel photography.

Some of the gear mentioned in the show:


  1. Cameras play 2nd fiddle to coffee 🙂 I have an Aero Press and a larger grinder for home use. I love the looks of the Porlex Hand Coffee Grinder. One will accompany me on next trip. Thanks for the tip.

    I really love the show!


  2. I have a few thoughts based on what I use for backpacking. Sawyer water filter is cheap and flows fast. It means that any decent lake or river is drinking water. 800+ fill power down clothing packs tiny, and has a cozy warm feel as well as wind protection. Hooded down parkas are the best. Down pants make it totally comfortable to shoot at night in low temps. They are not fashion wear though.

  3. Coffee discussion reminds me of Vincent Versace introducing us MMW
    workshop people to Peet’s coffee and taking him to Rite Aid to pick up
    brandy for same and his reaction to being carded!!!!