TheFIX 074: Lightroom Keywords 101

Lightroom Keywords 101 & Mobile Photography Weekly

In this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan delves into working with keywords in Lightroom. We begin from a basic, new user starting point and explain how you can add keywords when importing images, as well as adding additional, more specific keywords once the photos have been imported to your image catalog. We take a look at the Keywording and Keywords List panels in the Library module and explore ways you can use Keyword Sets to organize your keywords into logical groups based on content and the type of keywords you create.  We also shine a spotlight on the smart collection “Without Keywords” that shows you all the images in your catalog that are in want of some keyword loving, and share the “while I’m in here” keywording strategy for making the most of the time you spend exploring image folders in Lightroom. Also in this episode is the new Book Giveaway sponsored by Rocky Nook, and Seán shares news about his new weekly series on, Mobile Photography Weekly.

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To enter the book giveaway, leave a comment below that includes some thoughts on keywords. You can post one of your photos and provide a description of it, as well as the keywords you would apply to that photo, or simply provide a text description of an image and list what keywords you would apply for that image. Have fun…get creative…write an image description in the  style of Film Noir, or maybe write a short poem or a Haiku. The entries are open for two weeks and will close at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

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Metropolis II by Chris Burden, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Where’s Seán?

  • What’s the best way to handle keywords that match, such as “Tuxedo” which could refer to Tuxedo, NY (Places -> USA -> NY – > Tuxedo) or the clothing (Clothing -> Formal Wear -> Tuxedo) Would you keep the two the same, or would you change one to “Tuxedo NY” instead?

  • My keywords for the attached photo, following your suggested technique, would be Event, Places, Wimbledon, AELTC, sport, tennis, action. And I guess I may add green given it is the predominant colour. The AELTC stands for All England Lawn Tennis Club and would aid any searches if I posted the picture on social media.

    Keep up the interesting podcasts Sean!

  • That’s an excellent question, Jason! I have some ideas about that and will get back to you, but I also want to see if I can get a keywording expert to weigh in on this question, so bear with me.

    In the meantime…you re the winner of the book giveaway for this episode! Please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page and send a message to TheFIX with your mailing address, and the titl of the Rocky Nook book that you would like to have sent to you. Congrats and thanks for watching/listening to TheFIX!

  • Thanks Colin…good example and suggested keywords. I might also add “athlete” and also “womens’ sports” (or something to that effect), since that would make it float to the top of a search if an editor was specifically looking for photos of womens’ sporting events. Thanks for watching TheFIX!

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