TheFIX 053: Photo S.O.S: Lightroom Stunt Catalog

Photo S.O.S: The Importance of Having a Lightroom Stunt Catalog

In this episode of TheFIX we take a look at some questions in the Photo S.O.S file and shine a light on preventing the Apple Photos app from trying to hijack your images every time you attach a memory card to your computer; show how you can be sure which Lightroom catalog you’re working with; synchronizing folders to find missing images; and the importance of creating and maintaining a Lightroom “stunt catalog”.

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  • Hi. Comment on your fix for Photos autostart. In addition to having to perform the action in Image capture for each device that is connected, if you reformat the card in a previously connected device the Mac considers that a new device, so you need to repeat the process again.

  • Thanks very much for posting about that John. I have not run into that before. In fact, I just tried it out (re-formatting a card in an EOS camera), but when I attached the card reader to the Mac again, the Photos app did NOT open up. I understand that it would happen if you re-formatted a card and then used that card in a new camera. But just re-formatting the card does not cause the Photos app to try and hijack the photos for me.

  • I found a check box on the Photos import dialog that allows you to disable auto import for that card. You have to do this for each card, as you indicated for Image Capture.

    I reformat my cards in my camera and have not seen the reappearance of the auto import issue.

  • Good to know, Mark. In my opinion, that’ still a fail on Apple’s part, because it assumes you even want to be in the import dialog for that program (and then it’s only for that card). There should be a general preference in Photos that deactivates the Photos auto-import feature for any card or device…period.

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