TheFIX 052: Boundary Warp for Panoramas

Boundary Warp for Panoramas

In this episode, host Seán Duggan does some tire-kicking on the new Boundary Warp feature for panoramas in the latest Lightroom and Camera Raw update, and talks about the return of the book giveaway from Rocky Nook Press.

On January 27th Adobe released the Lightroom CC 2015.4 and Camera Raw 9.4 update. Along with the usual support for new cameras and lens profiles, as well as improvements and bug fixes, this update also came with a brand new feature called Boundary Warp, that will be of great interest for anyone who shoots panoramas. Stitched panoramas rarely have clean rectangular edges. Depending on how the source images where shot, there is often a significant irregular edge. In the past this had to be fixed by either cropping the irregular edge off, which sometimes resulted in too much of the image being cropped away.  Some images frequently required more involved Photoshop retouching using Content-Aware Fill, patch layers, the Healing Brush and sometimes the Clone Stamp tool. Boundary Warp works with the panorama merging feature that is a part of Camera Raw and Lightroom CC. It analyses the boundary edges of the stitched image and warps the edges so that they will fit into a rectangular frame.

Rocky Nook Book Giveaway

This episode also marks the return of the book giveaway sponsored by Rocky Nook Press! Since panoramas are often used for landscape photography, this week we’re giving away The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography by Glenn Randall. To enter to win the book, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what topics you would like to see on future episodes of TheFIX, or what guests you would like to see interviewed or profiled. The winner will be chosen randomly from all the comments below on 2/17/16. We look forward to hearing your ideas for what you would like to see on TheFIX!

Breaking NEWS: Bridge CC Updated

Right before this episode was published, Adobe announced the Bridge CC 6.2 Update.  This is very welcome news, as Bridge has languished for a long time. The improvements detailed in the announcement include automated cache management and on-demand thumbnail generation, which should greatly improve the overall performance of the program. There is also an import from device option for Mac, the reinstatement of the Autostack Panorama/HDR feature, and significant updates to the core technology components, which creates a more solid foundation for future development and modernization of Bridge. We’ll take a look at the Bridge update in a future episode of TheFIX.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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The Photoshop Compositing Project: Product Photography
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  • Enjoying the show on YouTube. Perhaps you could offer tips regarding building your own brand as a photographer, and becoming the “go-to” guy in your local area. I’m very much a landscape photographer so the competition book appeals to me, thanks

  • Good show, Sean. I have found that on some panos, the partial use of Boundary Warp (setting the slider at less than 100%) and then using Content Aware Fill (in PS CC) helps mitigate some of the edge distortion of verticals. Follow that with use of the crop tool afterwards.

    As for future shows, one on the full use of the Camera RAW filter in PS (tabs and tools) would be excellent.

  • Your podcasts are always welcome, Sean. Is there any way you can devote one of your upcoming shows to Polarr, an up and coming editing program that promises to provide a viable (and much cheaper) alternative to Lightroom? Thank you.

  • Hi, great episode, I wasn’t aware that this feature had been added.

    I would like to hear an interview with a landscape painter to learn about what techniques they use for lighting and composition, and how we might use those in photography.

  • I thoroughly enjoy the show. Have you heard of Jimmy McIntyre? He has a photoshop panel called Raya-Pro. It does a number of Photoshop actions especially blending and luminosity masks. I recently purchased it for about $40 and it seems to work very well. Curious about your thoughts and perhaps an interview?

  • Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! Keep ’em coming! One of you will win the “The Art, Science & Craft of Great Landscape Photography”! And so far, the odds are pretty good! 🙂

  • That’s a very interesting idea, Gregory. It might fit another TWIP show better, though, since our focus on ThFIX is on the post-processing side of the photography workflow. But a conversation on how painters use light and color to create the look they want might certainly work when discussing how a photographer could use tools and techniques in Lightroom or Photoshop to use light and color in post-processing to enhance a landscape image.

  • Hi Sergio…thanks for the tips on Polarr. I have not heard of that on yet, but I will look into it. Cheers!

  • Hi Tim…thanks for the ideas on using Boundary Warp in conjunction w/ content-aware fill. Regarding the possible bug/anomaly you mention in LR w/ Boundary Warp: I just tried it out on some of the DNG panos I created for th show and did not see that behavior at all. I used all of the Upright buttons in the Lens Corrections tab and the boundary warp was not affected.

    And thanks fort he suggestion for a show focused on Camera Raw (though that would hav to b split into multiple shows, I think!).

  • Hi Wayne…that’s a good idea for a show, but since TheFIX is focused on post-processing…i.e., what we do w/ our images after the shoot, that topic might b better suited to one of the other podcasts on This Week in Photography. I’ll check w/ some of the other hosts to see if something like that has already been covered on a past show. Thanks for listening and watching!

  • Hey! I recently have gotten into photography (loving every minute of it!) and recently got into your podcast. I have done some crash courses in LR but not so much in Photoshop, do you have any past episodes on what things are best to do in LR and whats best in PS? Also, some topics I am interested in getting better at are the tone curve, split toning, and are presets worth it? Thanks so much for the show, the post processing is so fun and interesting!

  • Hi, I’m Alex Rodríguez from Mexico City. I recently discovered this podcast, so far very good! One subject I would really like to learn is:

    – Sometimes I think that if a photo is not seen, it loses part of it’s reason to exist. Whether it is a family moment or a travel photo. So, I would love to see covered “how to incorporate to a post-processing workflow a way to share our photos in an easy, high quality and effective way.”

    For example, in the last months I have been using Google Photos, mainly because it’s very complex search engine. If I the middle of a conversation I want to quickly find that photo a simple search will do the trick. Thanks!! Ps. Sorry if this subject was covered in past episodes, I’m still discovering the show.

  • Great content. Great show. I’m playing with time lapse and have run into detritus that I’d take out, adjusting tones gradually, etc. I would like to see if the PS batch processing might help with, for example. In short, PS batch stuff would be wonderful.

  • Greetings from Ireland. Really enjoy the show, Sean. Thanks for all the great content. I’d like to see a show with some beginner tips on compositing – where to start and some pitfalls to avoid. Catherine.

  • Be interested in some of the back end business decision type stuff. Such as when you should start registering with the Copyright office, how to get your work seen. Where to look to find local galleries to display your work etc.

  • Hey Wayne…your name came out of the hat and was the winner for the book giveaway on this episode. Congratulations! Can you contact m via email so I can send your info to Rocky Nook so they can send you a book? You can find me at Thanks!

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