TheFIX 047: Mirrored Images in Lightroom

Mirrored Images & Custom Print Templates in Lightroom

Mirrored, or reflected, images are a guilty pleasure that can often lead to surprisingly satisfying and visually effective results. They are very easy to create in Photoshop using basic layering skills, but they can also be created in Lightroom using a combination of Virtual Copies and customizing some of the existing Print Templates that ship with the program. In this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan shows how to create mirrored or reflected images in Lightroom, how to proof them in Photoshop, and how to apply simple retouching when necessary, or modify the custom print templates in Lightroom so that no retouching is required. The first six images below are simple image mirrors. In the final two, only part of the original image mirror was used as an element in a composite.

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