TheFIX 046 Cinemagraphs & Beyond

Cinemagraphs & Beyond

Cinemagraphs are intriguing images that combine a still photograph with a trace of motion somewhere in the scene. In this project-based episode, host Seán Duggan shows you how to create cinemagraphs in Photoshop CC, and then takes you beyond the basic cinemagraph. In addition to the video editing capabilities, this project uses core Photoshop features such as adjustment layers, layer masks, filters, and smart objects, to modify the image and video clips to create a partially hand-colored look, as well as applying blurring filters to video clips. Finally, the finished file is resized, optimized, and exported as an animated GIF that can be shared on the web. Curious as to what a cinemagraph is? Check out the images below!

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