TheFIX 035: Lightroom 2015.2 Update with Victoria Bampton

The Lightroom CC 2015.2/6.2 Update

In this episode of TheFIX, Victoria Bampton, aka the Lightroom Queen, joins host Seán Duggan to discuss the update to Lightroom that was announced and released on October 5th at the Adobe MAX conference. We look at the tremendous (and in some cases furious) uproar and chaos that this update has created within the Lightroom photography community. In what is now widely regarded as a release that was not ready for prime time, the problems with the update have caused a significant PR/customer relations situation for Adobe: Users have experienced performance and stability issues, as well as program crashes on the Mac El Capitan platform. Adobe issued an official apology, and an update on Oct 9th to fix the update (2015.2.1/6.2.1) was only partially successful and introduced new problems for  some users who had not experienced any issues with the first update, this reporter included (a new update is promised for this week).  In addition to the stability and crashing issues, there has also been a big controversy surrounding the new import dialog, which saw useful features removed or hidden, and although the simplified interface may be welcomed by new users, it has been received with a resounding thumbs-down from many professional and advanced Lightroom users, who saw their workflows disrupted due to the changes. On a more positive note, there is the welcome addition of DeHaze to the Local Adjustments (for Lightroom CC users), as well as the addition of new camera and lens support. A tumultuous week in the Lightroom universe! Tune in as Victoria and I deconstruct the update and offer some insight and perspective on the chaos and what might be coming next.

Update, 10/16/2015 — Adobe has announced that they will be restoring the import experience from the previous version in the next dot release. Read more at the Adobe Lightroom Journal.

About Our Guest:

Victoria Bampton is based in England and runs the popular Lightroom Queen website and blog, where she offers helpful tips, techniques and advice on getting the most out of Lightroom. She offers a free 70-page Lightroom Quickstart Guide eBook, as well as a more in-depth book (available both as an eBook and in traditional printed form) on Lightroom CC/6: The Missing FAQ. There’s a lot of incredibly useful information at her website. Check it out!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Victoria Bampton’s excellent web site The Lightroom Queen
Instructions for Rolling Back to Lightroom 2015.1/6.1
Victoria’s Blog Update for today, Oct 13, 2015



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  • the update fixed most problems but there is still one big one and its odd how they can’t seem to get it right. Because the import function has been broken for years, i personally find it a fail. so my workaround is to simply use my playmemories app which copies images from camera into my /2015 folder, in doing so it copies the folder Date structure from camera. This I like, than all I did was open LR, right click on my 2015 folder and hit ‘sync’ folders, it then detects X amt of images, click next and imports all images into LR and thats it. I then add metatags ot anything else.

    however this process fails even after new 6.2.1 update, i go to sync, it detects files, i click next but than says no files to import. flat out fails to complete the task, 100% reproducible on my imac 10.11

    the other method is to use the import button choose my 2015 folder which scans it and there are thousands of images, so this takes a while, but it does the job. I’d rather have a faster way to do instead of this painfully slow method.

  • The Sync bug will hopefully be fixed in 6.3, as they’ve reproduced it now. The 6.2.1 release was a fast release to address the initial stability bugs, so there wasn’t time to address the sync bug too.

    What were you finding didn’t work well for you in the old dialog?

  • the old method seemed convulted, to many things to click to make it happen. I felt it need simplicity and doing it my method, use 3rd party app to copy images to hdd, than sync folder in LR, was a 2 step process. this was something i could not do in LR if i went strictly via their import process. I think they are really trying to go in the right direction now, as clearly i simply click on import button, pick folder 2015…but its sooooo slow. if they can fix that than I can simply use LR to import. hopefully like you say 6.3 will improve upon this. Adobe has taken ages to address this lousy import in LR.

  • Surely I’m not the only idiot that puts the SD card in a reader attached to my machine and copies all the files to a new folder in my 2015 folder, using Windows Explorer…. and THEN opens Lightroom and imports images from that location… What works can’t be that crazy.

  • I just read that they’re bringing back the old style Import functionality. So that’s something positive.

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