Fuji X-E1

Doug has fallen in love with Fujifilm’s little X-E1 and her younger sister, the new X-E2. But Frederick digs deeper and gets Doug to explain the real strengths and weaknesses of this unique camera system.

About the Fuji X-E1

Sporting a 16MP sensor using Fuji’s X-Trans technology, the X-E1 continues the company’s history of refinements by truly listening to its customers. At only US$800 for the body and US$1,000 with a good kit lens, the camera is a strong competitor in the APS-C mirrorless market.

Doug also tested the X-E1 with five X-mount lenses including the Zeiss Touit 35mm f/1.8 and 12mm f/2.8. Excellent, but are they worth the extra cost as compared to their closest Fujinon equivalents? The answers are in the show!

Doug Kaye’s Sample Images

Don’t miss Doug’s comprehensive written review.

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  • This is very cool, and all that, but the XE-1 is kind of history, as the XE-2 is now out and pretty much replaces the XE-1. I bought one and would love to tell you more, but Lightroom does not yet support the XE-2 RAW file format!

  • Frederick and Doug,
    I just want to thank both of you for taking your time to do these shows making a buying decision quit a bit easer. With everyones time so precious the service you all are providing is priceless.
    Thank You,

  • I found this a very good review and some good questions by Fred. I have an XE – 1 and love it and found the image quality better then my Canon 60D and at ISOs above 800 the Fuji makes my faithful old Canon look embarrassing.

    The only issue I have with my XE is the hand grip is tiny and I’d love a bit more of a grip bump to hold the thing. I find an add on grip at $80 or more ridiculous.

    Apart from that – I’m looking to get the new XE-2 or maybe the update XPro when it comes. Keep up the great reviews gents.

  • I’m shooting with the a7 now, Rishi O. We’ll have it on a future episode of All About the Gear for sure.

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