Think Tank Photo Spectral 10

A Behind the Shot Review

I have been testing the Think Tank Photo Spectral 10 shoulder bag for the past few months, and in this video I run through the features I like, along with a few things I would change. The bottom line is that I really like the Spectral 10 for those times you need a shoulder style bag. It’s extremely comfortable, even when you’re carrying 2 bodies all day, and the latch system is awesome. I still don’t think there is a single “perfect bag” that will satisfy every user, but along with my Think Tank Airport International V2 the Spectral 10 is now one of my go-to bags. Watch the video for more info.

Also, in this video I reference a previous review I did of the MindShift Gear Backlight 26L Backpack. That review can be found here.

Think Tank Photo Spectral Series Shoulder Bags

Spectral 8
Spectral 10
Spectral 15