Street Focus 84: Visual Stories with Patrick La Roque

Please enjoy my conversation with Montreal based photographer Patrick La Roque. We discuss how his street photography has changed his commercial work, working with a collective and many other things!LAROQUE-self-01

Patrick La Roque is a speaker, writer and professional photographer from Montreal, Canada. He is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer and founder of the KAGE COLLECTIVE, an international group specializing in visual storytelling and documentary work.

About The Author

Host, Street Focus

The day I picked up a camera I became a storyteller. I now live and breathe in pixels! After working as a commercial photographer for several years, I realized that my love for the craft could serve others. Sharing the passion is now where I focus all my energy through teaching international photo workshops, speaking at seminars, writing, blogging and now podcasting. I am also thrilled to be an X Photographer for Fujifilm USA. Although I photograph everything and anything that moves me, my passion for mankind drives me to shoot street photography every day. I thrive on searching the story in a single frame. Find my Street Photograph: First Steps and Beyond on my website!

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  • Patrick is of another world, absolutely love him work! =)

  • Matthew Campagna

    Good stuff, this. I’ve been following Patrick’s blog for a long while, and you now have a new listener. I’ll be subscribing on iTunes just as soon as I press post. 😉