Sony A7II

Barely a year after its introduction of the first A7 camera, Sony has brought us an upgrade: the A7II. It’s the fourth A7-series body, now sharing the stage with the high-resolution A7r and the high-ISO A7s. So what’s changed in the Sony A7II?

The big news is the in-body five-axis image stabilization (IBIS). It’s the first time we’ve had this in a full-frame mirrorless camera. While the IBIS might not be as good as in the amazing Olympus OM-D E-M1, remember that this camera’s sensor has a mass more than 4x that of the E-M1. And for some, the real clincher will be that the A7II’s IBIS can be used with third-party lenses, even those such as Leica and other M-mount lenses attached to the Sony body via inexpensive adaptors. That’s right: the quality of that gorgeous Leica, Zeiss and other great glass now with image stabilization.

Other improvements are a much more robust body using more magnesium alloy parts. The results are a camera that is the same height and width, just a bit thicker and 100g heavier. Doug says it feels much better and more like a pro-level camera than the other α7-series cameras.

  • Sorry but why did you compare the Sony to the Canon 7D II and not the Canon 6D? The 7D II is a cropped 20 megapixel sensor and the 6D is a full frame 20 megapixel sensor. Also, at $1399.00 the Canon 6D is a viable contender for the a7 II and a much more comparable camera….just curious?

  • Hey guys, in this episode, you talked about battery management – how to know which ones are charged and which are drained. I’ve found a great solution that works for me. I number my batteries and use them in sequence. If #4 is in the camera, #3 needs charged and #5 is on deck. I know that #1 and #2 are fresh and ready to go. Hope this is helpful.

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