Samsung NX1

Samsung isn’t typically included when we discuss major camera manufacturers, and the company’s earlier models were in fact unimpressive. That’s why Frederick and Doug were so surprised when the Samsung NX1 turned out to be one of the best APS-C cameras Doug has ever used. In terms of image quality, the NX1 even surpasses Doug’s pick for Camera of the Year, the Sony a6000.

Although it’s the size of a small DSLR, the mirrorless NX1 is packed with best of breed features from other great cameras: a great tilting touch LCD, 4k video and a whopping 15fps shutter with a 70-frame (RAW file) buffer.

But as much as Doug liked it, it’s still not perfect. Listen to hear why!

  • Enjoyed the show! I’ve owned the Samsung NX for about three months, and to clarify a few things, first, I should point out I primarily shoot video with this camera. First off, that hunting Doug talked about in lower lit scenes could be because that particular NX1 doesn’t have the latest firmware update which addressed that issue. As far as video quality between the NX1 and the GH4, I’ve owned both, and the NX1 has a better image quality hands down. What Doug didn’t mention, and I realize he didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore this camera, is that you can adapt many older lenses to this body. The advantage to this is that you get a much more cinematic 4k image because you’re taking a tad off that 4k razors edge, so-to-speak. What makes the NX1 a better choice for video production over the GH4, are several things. First the size of the sensor, the fact it produces better flesh tones, the 50Mbs per second capture doesn’t make it’s image inferior because it’s being written to H.265 and lastly the ability to adapt some truly classic glass, like Nikkor, Mamiya, Helios, Jupiter, the list goes on and on. It really is a fantastic camera that Samsung is standing behind with monthly firmware updates. As of this writing they have already provided 3 updates and have reported they will continue upgrading this camera and they listen to user feedback, which is unheard of from a company of this magnitude.

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