BtS_Headshot_PeterLevshinPeter Levshin is a Sydney, Australia born travel photographer that has lived in Los Angeles, with his lovely wife Linda, since 1988. Raised in a creative family – his father was a painter and his mother designed ceramics, pottery and tapestries – Peter now makes his living creating for the creative community. He has created books and marketing materials for people and products ranging from Paul McCartney to photographer Jerry Ghionis, and even for Barbie. In fact, his company Integrated Communications, or ICLA, is a 3 time Grammy Winner for packaging.

Peter’s latest project is Premier Artists Collection, a fine art outlet for artists that were hand picked by Peter.

As a photographer, Peter’s photographs are simple, ethereal, and mystical. He uses dramatic atmosphere and bold colors to make a statement, and yet his simple subjects create a sense of drama. Peter’s images draw a viewer in the scene, where the feel a connection to the artwork.

Join Peter and I on this episode of Behind the Shot as we take a look at his image of a Burmese Monk entitled “Praying for the Dead”.

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