On Stage with Vintage Trouble

Behind the Shot with Matthias Hombauer

Matthias Hombauer is the perfect example of someone following their dream. After finishing his Ph.D. in molecular biology he decided to follow his two passions – music and photography – instead. Without any professional photography training or knowledge of the music industry, but equipped with a burning desire to reach his goals, he started an incredible journey. Now, he is a Rockstar Photographer, podcaster, author and entrepreneur.

Based in Vienna, Austria, Matthias has worked with such artists such as Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel. Elvis Costello and The Prodigy, and his images have been seen on album covers and tour posters. Matthias’ work has been published in international magazines and blogs, such as Rolling Stone Magazine, The Huffington Post and Peta Pixel, and he has worked with brands such as Manfrotto, Converse, and Instragram. Somehow, between advising people at workshops and exhibiting his music images, he still finds time to travel around the world as a tour photographer.

As the founder of “How to Become A Rockstar Photographer”, Matthias also helps others get started as concert photographers. What started as a personal blog is now a worldwide community with people following from 100+ countries.

He even has an online academy, “Shooting The Rockstars”, where he teaches concert photography.

His HTBARP Podcast is the latest milestone for Matthias. Interviewing the best music photographers in the world, including Kat Benzova (Guns N Roses, AC/DC) and Zack Whitford (Aerosmith), Matthias touches on subjects that help photographers of any genre. Oh yeah, and I was honored to be his guest on Episode 4!

Join Matthias and I on this episode of Behind the Shot as we discuss what it’s like to be onstage photographing Vintage Trouble, when they opened for AC/DC at the largest Open Air Festival in Austria, in front of 120,000 people.

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