Nikon D750

Although discontinued two years ago, the Nikon D700 was one of the most-loved digital cameras ever made. Six years since the D700 was introduced, Nikon has finally come out with the 24MP D750. Is the D750 a worthy successor to the D700? Doug and Frederick explore that question and consider where the D750 fits into Nikon’s current lineup.

One one hand the D750 inherits the excellent autofocus system of the pro-style D4s and D810. But Nikon has chosen to position the D750 as an “enthusiast” camera with controls more like the D7100. They’ve also rolled out some features that are relatively new to big-body Nikons: terrific bracketing, USB 3.0, a tiltable LCD, good 1080p/60 video and terrific image quality.

  • I contacted Nikon USA. They say D750 is NOT weather-sealed. There is a video of someone using it in a monsoon but it doesn’t sound like they’d cover any weather damage under the warranty.

    So beware.

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