Nikon D3300

What’s new in the entry-level DSLR market? The Nikon D3300 is the┬álatest candidate in this niche. But the real question for most buyers isn’t whether it’s the best DSLR at this level, but whether one might be better off with a comparable mirrorless camera. Doug and Frederick are shooting mostly with mirrorless cameras these days and (in Frederick’s case) are admitted mirrorless fanboys. But they’re both determined to give the D3300 a fair chance. Similar mirrorless cameras seem to have the edge on features, so what reasons are left for a budding photographer to go with a DSLR like the D3300 instead?

Show notes:

  • The D3300’s maximum flash sync speed is 1/200 second.
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Doug’s sample images…


  • You talk about the noise from this camera. So you really would not want to buy Nikon’s flagship DX camera, the D7100 either, since this is the same sensor. But the most irritating thing about this guy are his assumptions. He KNOWS what kind of glass you will be using, that the focusing will suck, because the user of this camera will certainly not use single point focusing. No tilting screen? OMG no selfies? The camera has a viewfinder. Why would you use the screen to compose and focus? Touch screen, WiFi? Really, just can’t wait to send your photo of the dog to your friends, who are waiting with bated breath for your next photo? This is a camera, not a phone. This is for taking pictures. I use a D800 and my son has a D3300. It takes fantastic photos. Put it in Aperture mode and shoot away. Another cut and paste review, that is more about the supposed demographic rather than the camera itself. Review it as a “camera” (not an “entry level camera”). Bottom line, beginner or pro can take fabulous pictures with this camera, and that is what photography is really about. Not trendy gadgetry.

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