TWiP Family 009: Kirsten Lewis on Documenting Family

In this episode, I interview with Kirsten Lewis on documenting family life. Kirsten spends all day with the families she photographs. She wakes up before the kids do and captures images of the soft and cuddly morning hours. And she stays all day, through evening melt downs and bedtime.

The resulting images are honest, funny and tender. Her work lets parents see how hard they work and how much their kids appreciate and love them.

In our interview, Kirsten shares how she got into day in the life sessions. She also shares how many images she takes in a day with her families. (Thousands!)

If you want to know more about Kirsten Lewis and how she works, she taught a fabulous Creative Live class.

Kirsten has a great sense of humor and really understands families. I am excited for you to hear our conversation on this family photography podcast.

Connect with Kirsten: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Next week: TWiP’s own Valerie Jardin on the power of limitations.

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  • Hi,
    thx for the show, you both! Great listen. Very interesting. The idea about “funny pictures” is a really great take on family photos! On reflex we tend to sort out those pictures.

    Anyway, I usually refrain from asking the gear questions, because the camera is the least important thing in photography. But I am interested in whether or not she uses DSLRs or mirorrless, just because DSLRs are usually bigger, heavy to carry around all day, and make a lot of noise.

  • Hello Florian! I am glad you enjoyed the show. I love Kirsten’s work and it was so fun to talk with her.

    I wrote to Kirsten to ask her about her camera but haven’t heard back yet. When she did behind the scenes videos in her Creative Live class she was using a DSLR. It’s a good question.

    It’s completely fine to ask gear questions too – the camera a photographer uses isn’t everything but it is something. ~ Jenny

  • I listened and watched Kirsten’s Creative Live class preview.. wow, so good! I plan to purchase the rest of the class. She is a very inspirational speaker and photographer! Jenny, she spoke right to my question of f-stop for a family group 🙂

  • Her class is great for many reasons. I know you will love it.

    And, I am glad you got your f-stop question addressed. Next graduation will be easier! ~Jenny

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