On TWiP we’ve been known to preach about how it’s not the gear that makes the photograph, but rather the Photographer. Lee Morris over at FStoppers has proved this by shooting a full-on fashion shoot, with just an iPhone 3G. It wasn’t even the higher resolution iPhone 4! Granted, he had access to some world class lighting equipment, but still… an iPhone?!

So, let this be incentive to grab what ever gear you might own, and get out there and shoot.

What do YOU think about this iPhone photo-shoot? Think you’ll be replacing your DSLR with a camera phone soon? Sound-off in the comments.

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  • “let this be incentive to grab what ever gear you might own, and get out there and shoot.”

    Unfortunately, I don’t have thousands of dollars worth of lighting equipment or access to a stylist and professional retoucher so my iPhone photos still look like iPhone photos.

    But it’s an interesting video nonetheless to see how all that lighting equipment really works.

  • That’s not the point. The point is that you can now shoot with almost any camera and get some pretty decent “raw material”.

    • I thought this video was awesome.

      I have to say, though, what bugs me (and why I think there’s been so many complaints) is that people keep saying “it doesn’t matter what GEAR you have” when referring to this. This shoot was specifically about the CAMERA, and nothing else. Lee admits that the pro lighting equipment played a big part, and that the pics wouldn’t be as good in uncontrolled lighting.

      That said, we can extrapolate that great pictures can be taken with any GEAR or CAMERA. But sometimes specific shots do require special equipment.

  • I agree with you there. My main camera these days is an Olympus XA which some people think is low tech. But it does help be get some decent “raw material” for sure.

  • That was awesome! Thanks for reminding us of the limitations we place upon our lack of gear.

  • That was a really an encouraging video, i’m lovin my gear more, my Nikon D70. So true, it’s not about the gear, “Gear is Good, an Eye for photography is better, the passion and experience is the Best!

  • Joebwan

    It was very interesting to watch. I didn’t see it as any kind of testiment that gear doesn’t matter. Rather it was more of demonstration of how a professional photographer and staff, good model, with good lighting equipment, tripod, studio, software editing expertise, controlled conditions, and a background that doesn’t require shallow depth of field can take a relatively crap camera and make a surpisingly good photo. Probably of a size usable for a typical consumer photographer.

    If I had the money to get the other support gear used in the video, I would be better served by using that money instead to get a better camera (ie, “better gear”) than the iPhone. One with manual controls and better ISO at a minimum.

    However, it is fascinating to see any experiment that shows how photographer skill other factors can be used to compensate for particular equipment deficiencies.

  • DeMelloDog

    I love the dig on the AT&T network at the end of the video

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