GigaPan Epic Pro

Creating gigantic pixel large format images doesn’t necessarily require the use of Hubble sized optics and sensors. Using commercially available hardware, you can use your existing camera, along with software to shoot and stitch together amazing mosaics of comprised of unimaginably large numbers of pixels.

In this episode of All About the Gear Doug Kaye breaks down the good, the bad, and the robotic.

Check out Doug’s full and comprehensive text review over on his blog.

Some interesting GigaPixel images to explore:

Shanghai Skyline (12,000 images!) by Alfred Zhao
Barack Obama’s 2009 Innaugural Address (220 images) by David Bergman
Golden Gate Bridge (32 images) by Doug Kaye
Berkeley Marina (27 images) by Doug Kaye

Interactive GigaPixel images:

GigaPixel of the Golden Gate Bridge (Flash):

GigaPixel of the Berkeley Marina (Flash):

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