Fuji X-30

The Fujifilm X30 is a replacement for the X20. The new camera has an electronic viewfinder instead of a rangefinder and includes a lot of new features. It’s relatively inexpensive at $600 including the non-interchangeable 4x zoom lens, but it’s still too large for a pocket. So why would anyone buy this camera instead of one that either fits into a pocket (like the Sony RX100 series) or has interchangeable lenses (like a Lumix GX7)?

Doug says it’s because this camera is so much “fun” to shoot with, but what does that mean? First, it has some terrific film emulations as well as other features such as selective color. Doug found them so appealing that he actually started using the camera in JPEG-only mode rather than RAW — a first for him. Then there’s the fact that you can print directly to a tiny Fuji Instax printer for instant photos. And finally, it’s just simple and a joy to use.

  • Use case #3 (based on my own purchase decision): A small fun “bridge” camera for pro-ams who shoot mainly CaNikon DSLR’s to enter into the Fuji rangefinder ecosystem without making a substantial investment in x-mount lenses and older RF bodies, and yet frustrated with the limited IQ, menus. and lergonomics of their old point and shoot or cameraphone. If you consider the under $600 price point and incredible combination of features, esp. in software, the X30 is kind of hard to pass up.

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