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On the set for a Billboard cover shoot

Robby Klein is an entertainment, editorial, and advertising photographer hailing from New Orleans,LA, that currently based in Nashville,TN.

Often found surfing in Los Angeles or eating bagels NYC, Robby photographs some of today’s most interesting people, in the most interesting ways. Just go to his website and look at the entry photo – an amazing shot of Zach Galifianakis. That shot is what I wanted to talk about on this episode, until I clicked enter. This guy has photographed almost everyone I am a fan of! He photographed the Stranger Things cast!!!!!! OK, now I wanted to talk about that shot…. but I saw Nick Offerman, Justin Timberlake (a killer Black and White image by the way), the cast of La La Land, Tony Hale, Lance Armstrong, and Keegan Michael Kee.

What strikes me about Robby’s work is the attitude in the images. Every. Single. Image. There is a fun factor in them all. The Kelli Pickler shot jumping on the bed, the Tony Hale with the Starbucks cup, Johnny GaleckiThe Band Perry… all amazing work, and all make me want to be there on the day of the shoot.

Join Robby and me on this episode of Behind the Shot as we dissect one of the shots he did of The Band Perry during a Billboard Magazine cover story shoot.

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Personal: robbyklein.com
Facebook: @Robby-Klein-Photography
Instagram: @RobbysPhotos
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