Leica or Leave it: AAtG #2

In this second episode of All About the Gear, Doug Kaye reveals his observations of the Leica M9. It’s an expensive piece of kit, but some folks say it’s worth every singe penny. Can this Bently of cameras justify its price tag? And does the image quality...

Snowflake Photography with Don Komarechka

Don Komarechka and I sit down virtually in a Google+ Hangout to discuss his particular brand of macro photography, the science behind it, and how he manages to get some of the most amazing snowflake mages anywhere.

TWiP+ #6 – The Future is Mirrorless?

Have you been waiting to hear a discussion which pushes outside of the standard Nikon and Canon offerings? Jump into this Google+ hangout as Frederick Van and MFT evangelist Giulio Sciorio enthuse over what may well be the future of photography.