The 2012 This Week in Photo “Picks of the Year”

It’s been one heck of a year for photographers. Business has picked up, manufactures have been busy innovating and social media sites have been growing faster than ever. At the end of every TWiP episode, Frederick asks the week’s guests what their...

7 Professional Photo-Sharing Sites

SmugMug’s price increase is has been one of the hottest photography topics not involving hardware in quite a while. Many photographers have written off SmugMug as just another greedy vendor while others have come to the defense of this reputable company. In this article we look at the choices.

10 Free iPhone Apps Every Photographer Needs

Mobile photography continues to be one of the hottest trends in photo communities all over the world. Yes, everyone has a pretty good camera in their hands now but there is no need to fear for the art of photography. Why not embrace these tools to take fun pictures on...

Simplicity. The Key to Making Great Portraits

The trick to making great portraits is simplicity, and that’s as true for technique as it is for composition and gesture. I can never understand why so many folks are unable to just see the light and move the subject into that light.