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TWiP Family 66: Kelly Moore Clark on Camera Bags, Lighting and Family Life

This week’s show is and interview with Kelly Moore Clark, creator of Kelly Moore Bags. Kelly was a wedding photographer and couldn’t find a bag that fit her body or her needs. She had an idea for the perfect bag and resolved to stop talking about this perfect bag and make one. She found people who could help her create the bags and quickly found other people who wanted the bag she’d created.
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TWiP Family 63: Minna Ridderstolpe

This week is an interview with Minna Ridderstolpe. Minna is a family photography and mother from Stockholm, Sweden. She creates images full of love, humor and action of her family and for her clients.

TWiP Family 62: George Lange

This week, Jenny jumps in the car for a drive around Pittsburgh with photographer, George Lange. The conversation covers his early career and how he sees and photographs both his family and clients now.

TWiP Family 58: Sarah Wilkerson on Everyday Photos

Sarah Wilkerson is a photographer, mother, teacher, author and CEO of Click and Company. She talks with Jenny about her journey with photography and about the photographs she took and didn’t take as she began study photography in a serious way.

TWiP Family 53: Kevin Mullins

This week's guest is documentary wedding and family photographer, Kevin Mullins. He talks about how photographs weddings and families in an unobtrusive way. Kevin also talks about why small Fuji cameras suit his style of photography.
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TWiP Family 050: Molly Flanagan

This week's guest is Molly Flanagan. Molly creates family photos that go beyond domestic perfection to celebrate the nurturing and comfort found in the home.

TWiP Family 049: Tamara Lackey

On today’s episode, Jenny shares her conversation with Tamara Lackey. Tamara talks about why a photo of your family together is important and how to make a great one.
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TWiP Family 047: Yan Palmer on Finding Your Voice

Today's guest is Yan Palmer. Yan doesn't recommend starting a photography business the way she did, but loves where it has taken her. Yan loves experimenting with light while photographing families and making photographs that make her feel something.