The Bread Baker with PhotoJoseph – BtS 17

Joseph Linaschke, or "PhotoJoseph" as he's more commonly know, is a Photographic Storyteller, Educator and the PhotoApps.Expert. Join PhotoJoseph and I as we discus his image of a bread baker in Tbilisi, on this episode of Behind the Shot.

PBR with Alan Hess – BtS 16

Alan Hess is a San Diego-based commercial photographer specializing in concert and live-event photography. In this episode of Behind the Shot, Alan joins me to discuss his image from the PBR Velocity Tour.

Visual Storytelling with Paul Ernest – BtS 14

Paul Ernest is a Visual Storyteller like you may have never seen before. His tagline is "Every Soul Has a Purpose and Every Purpose Has a Story", and that perfectly describes his art. Join Paul and I on this episode of Behind the Shot as we examine his image Onto Your Shore.

Moon Thief with Anya Anti – BtS 12

Anya Anti is a self-taught digital artist from Ukraine, now based in New York, whose fantasies come to life as finished pieces of art. Join us on this episode of Behind the Shot as we discuss her image Moon Thief.

Rainbow Hills with Craig Colvin – BtS 10

Craig Colvin is an award-winning photographer and educator, based in San Jose, CA, whose primary focus is using the human body as art. Join Craig and I on this episode of Behind the Shot as we discuss his image "Rainbow Hills".

Out Of This World with Dana McMullen – BtS 07

Dana McMullen is a Canadian Nature, Landscape, and Cityscape photographer, who now resides in Southern California. Join me for this episode of Behind the Shot, as we take a look Out Of This World, and behind one of his amazing Milky Way shots.

Travis Barker with Adam Elmakias – BtS 06

Adam Elmakias might be influencing more up and coming concert photographers today than any other person working today. In this episode I talk with him about how he got into a very rare spot - behind Travis Barker of Blink 182 during a performance at the Forum in LA - and ended up with an iconic image.

Stormy Kiss with Troy Miller – BtS 5

Troy Miller is one of my favorite Wedding Photographers, and I am constantly baffled at the way he sees light. In this episode of Behind the Shot, we discuss his shot "Stormy Kiss". Troy shares some great wedding tips, and even has a great app suggestion for those times you need to know when the rain will stop.

Behind the Shot 02: Fireworks with Christie Goodwin

When it comes to Live Music photography, there are few photographers as respected as British photographer Christie Goodwin. She's witty, fun, and amazingly talented. In this episode we discuss her iconic shot for Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour.