AlphaMirrorless 015: Juan and Andy Answer More of your Questions

Every so often we dedicate a show to answering your questions, and this is such a show. We get so many questions from all of you and we try to answer all of them, sometimes we may reply to you directly, sometimes we may just air your question on the show, and other times we may both! In any case we'd love to hear from you and try to answer your questions as they relate to the Sony Alpha mirrorless camera system or on photography in general.

AlphaMirrorless 013: An interview with Gary Arndt the global traveler and photographer

In this episode, Juan and Andy interview Gary Arndt, who in March 2007 sold his house and has been traveling around the world ever since. Since he started traveling he has visited all 7 continents, over 175 countries and territories around the world, all 50 states and every US territory, every Canadian province, every Australian state and territory, over 125 US National Park Service sites and over 300 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

AlphaMirrorless 011: An interview with Brian Smith

On this episode of the AlphaMirrorless podcast, Juan interviews Sony Artisan of Imagery, celebrity and sports photographer, prolific Sony system blogger and all around great guy, Brian Smith. Also Juan and Andy answer a listener question on our INBOX segment, plus as always we share our wish and pick of the week.

AlphaMirrorless 09: We Answer your Questions

In this episode of the AlphaMirrorless podcast Juan and Andy spend the entire episode, and a long episode at that, to answering a bunch of the questions you have submitted. But by all means don't stop sending us questions. We love answering them and helping fellow AlphaMirrorless shooters. Some of your questions we may answer during the INBOX section of the podcast, some we may save to answer on another upcoming episode dedicated to answering your questions.

AlphaMirrorless 07: DSLR vs. Mirrorless Part One of MANY!

Photography has gone through so many changes in its relatively short history and each of those changes seems to bring with it fear, uncertainty and doubt. This has happened with the introduction of color to a previously B&W world of photography, it happened when the SLR was introduced, once again when digital started to become a viable option, and lately it seems we are going through the same pains with Mirrorless.

AlphaMirrorless 02: Making Sense of the Lens Options

We have all heard the saying "you are always better off spending good money on lenses than on camera bodies". Yet there is such a variety of options when it comes to lenses for the Alpha mirrorless system that it can get confusing and a little intimidating.