Canon G7X II Review

The Canon Powershot G7X II is the latest in a somewhat confusing line of compact cameras, most of which are based on the same 1″ sensor. Compared to the low-end G9X, the G7X II adds a touch & tilt rear LCD, but doesn’t include the electronic viewfinder found on the G5X. The upgrades from the original G7X, released 1.5 years earlier, include a better grip and a control ring around the lens.

In the battle for the best pocketable compact camera, Gordon compares this latest-version Canon G7X to the older Sony RX100 III (includes a pop-up EVF and slightly more expensive) and to the more-recent Sony RX100 IV (with 4k video but substantially more expensive).

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  1. I don’t get why they charge so much for these cameras. They are more expensive than manymicri 4/3 and APS-C sensor cameras with a kit lens.

    No one will place a camera if that size in their pocket, and for a slight size increase, you can better quality (even with the ultra low end kit lens) by going the Sony A6000. Older camera, but cheaper, and better low light performance.

  2. Hey Guys,

    Congratulations on another comprehensive review. I’m wondering if you think there’s a market for a 1-inch camera with a prime lens? The APS-C sensor compact cameras such as the Nikon Coolpix A and Ricoh GR strike a good balance of compact size and high image quality. Why not create something similar with a 1-inch sensor?

  3. Hi Guys. I am looking to buy a new camera for a few different types of situations. Mostly still photography, cities/vacations and everyday photos, but also a few dog picture.
    I like the retro style mirror less system cameras, and i have been mostly looking at the Olympus OMD-10 mk || and the Fujifilm XT-10. Could you give me some advice, and tips on a few ok lenses for these two?

    Not that here in Norway, the price difference is about 200$ in favour of the Olympus.

  4. Only one episode a month is very light content even though the episodes are good and very detailed. Maybe you need two teams leap frogging each other so you can get the content up to at least two episodes a month? Any thought to adding some content about lenses or flash systems as well so you could create some episodes that cover two or three items when your not doing a camera? Just a thought.
    Absolutely enjoy each and every episode. I just want more. Thank.

  5. Any idea when you guys are going to do another episode? It’s been a long time and I really enjoy the show. A review of Fuji’s new X-T2 would be nice.