Canon EOS 80D Review

The Canon EOS 80D comes three years after the popular 70D, one of the company’s most popular APS-C mid-range cameras. Among a crowded market of 24MP APS-C bodies, the 80D stands out for its video and Live View capabilities. Positioned between three-digit Rebel line and the semi-pro 7D II, the 80D features Canon’s Dual-Pixel 45-point autofocus technology, 1080p/60 video, 7fps, a fully articulating touch-sensitive LCD screen and headphone and external mic inputs. Accompanying the camera at launch is a new, quieter EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, an upgrade from the STM version.

In addition to reviewing the Canon 80D, Gordon and Doug cover the new PZ-E1 power-zoom adaptor, get into a deeper discussion of Live View versus mirrorless cameras and consider the 80D in the context of its competitors, particularly the 7D II and Nikon’s D7200.

Watch Gordon’s Live View astrophotography video.

Read Gordon’s detailed review of the EOS 80D.

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Errata: Canon says the EOS 80D is indeed “Water/Dust Resistant”.