Canon 5DS

Nearly three years since the release of the popular 5D mk III, Canon has finally brought out the much-anticipated 50.6MP 5DS and 5DSR. Yes, these are the current leaders in the megapixel wars, beating out the 42MP Sony A7R mk II by a few months and megapixels.

These are clearly pedal-to-the-metal high-resolution still cameras. Video is barely an afterthought. (Canon has even stripped the headphone jack and clean HDMI outputs.) And the 5DS/R don’t have the advanced autofocus systems of the lower-end 7D mk II and 70D. These cameras aren’t intended for subject that move quickly. But put them on a tripod and add some high-end Canon glass, and you’ll get the highest-resolution images you can generate without going to medium format.

Are the few extra megapixels worth $500 more than the 42MP of the Sony a7R mk II or $700 more than the 36MP Nikon D810? Watch or listen!

And speaking of Canon glass, in this episode Gordon also reviews the new 11-24mm EF f/4, the long-awaited response to Nikon’s legendary 14-24mm f/2.8.

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