Brad MalcolmBrad Malcolm is President and co-founder of Athentech Imaging, makers of Perfectly Clear. In this interview we get into the how’s and why’s of batching software processing. And some hints of where this tech may lead in the near future.

In Brad’s spare time, Brad enjoys hanging out and relaxing with his 4 year old daughter and wife. He also loves sailing and drinking fine single malt scotch. Preferably together.

About Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear is award winning automatic image correction technology that is used to bring out the natural beauty in your photos. It’s trusted by large printers around the world to make perfect over 30 million prints every day, professional photographers to save time editing, and mobile app users to make it easy to look one’s best on the go.


  • Carl

    Perfectly Disappointed… I was considering the offer that was made regarding the Perfectly Clear product, but realized that it was only available on 11/28… the day that the TWiP Talks Episode 61 was released. Frederick, if you are going to announce a discount for listeners of your podcasts, please provide a reasonable window of time after the release date to listen to your podcast and make a decision or don’t bother making the offer.