AlphaMirrorless 01: It’s All About Image Quality

AlphaMirrorless Episode 01: It’s All About Image Quality

This new TWIP show is all about the Sony Alpha Mirrorless line of cameras which include the α7 series cameras as well as the α6000 series, and even the RX series may get a mention from us from time to time.

But this podcast it’s so much more than that, it’s also about photography in general. Our hope with this podcast is to provide real world experience and knowledge about these innovative new cameras as we use them in the real world. We will also talking about accessories, how to use them to shoot video and bring you relevant interviews with other experts and users of these Alpha camera systems.

Our principal drive in creating this podcast is the incredible amount of interest we have seen on the Sony Alpha mirrorless line of cameras and information on these systems has been spread out all over the internet without a single authoritative source of information. Andy and I have experienced this interest first hand from our workshop participants, plus it looks like many of you have been renting these cameras to experiment with them, so much so that Lens Rentals recently disclosed that the α7R2 II and α72 II are the two top rented cameras of 2015.

Welcome to the Alpha Mirrorless podcast, we are very much looking forward to sharing our knowledge with you and hearing from you!

We’d love to hear from you, please send any comments, feedback or questions to us by going to this form.

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Wishes of the Week

  • Juan: Speedier Image review
  • Andy: Long lenses for wildlife. How cool to have a 150-600 native E-mount

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  • I really enjoyed the new show and look forward to the coming podcasts. I’ve shot beside Andy with my A7R2 at Letchworth State Park and I know his passion about this camera!

  • As another photographer in Rochester, NY, like Carl, who I know, I love the podcast. I just bought a used A7r and love it. I shoot landscape on a tripod so most of the “quirks” don’t really bother me. Bill Statt

  • Thanks for the great show. Have already listened to the first two episodes. Do want to comment on two things. Owned several Fuji’s before I bought into the Sony A7x family. Their commitment to firmware upgrades is the best I’ve seen. Sony’s is getting better but Fuji is the Gold Standard in my opinion. Also the last two Sony firmware update I did on my A7RII took closer to 15 minutes not 2-3 as you talked about. Don’t know what your doing differently but you might want to look at some other posts on the web.

    I’ve been using the A7x family since the A7R first came out. Have owned the A7, A7R, A7II, and A7RII. Use it side by side with my Canons. I happen to use the VG-C2EM battery grip and RRS L-bracket that works with the grip and love it!

  • Steven,

    You are right, the update takes much more than 2-3 minutes. I don’t remember stating that, but it is possible we said that erroneously.


  • I bought the a7R (first gen) and have been reasonably happy with it. The a7RII is overpriced at 3k+. Puts it right up there with the Nikon D810. RE: Firmware: I’ve also heard that Fuji is far and away better than anyone at releasing firmware updates, AND about listening to their customer base when it comes to features…

  • I am so happy to find a TWiP show dedicated to the amazing line of Sony Alpha cameras. I currently own the Sony a7 II and a7. Looking to upgrade to the a7S II. Since I also shoot video (weddings, etc.), I look forward to hearing what you guys say about the Sony a7S II and its 4K video. Thanks for your dedication!

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