AlphaMirrorless 06: Settings for your Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

AlphaMirrorless 06: Settings for your Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

One of the prominent features of the Alpha Mirrorless systems is how customizable they are, and how many different options are available. However the sheer number of settings and options can be daunting.

On this show we are going to talk about the myriad of settings that our alpha cameras provide and Juan and Andy will share with you their settings and how we have customized our cameras for optimal use.

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Wishes of the Week

  • Juan: I would like to see a “Favorites” menu option
  • Andy: Sigma’s MC-11 is everything they promise it to be!

Picks of the Week

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  • In regards to Steady Shot, you didn’t address if it should be turned off when the camera is on a tripod. The A7R2 manuals says it should be off, but I’m wondering if you agree.

  • David,

    Great to hear your thoughts on this. I don’t shoot with studio flash, so it would be hard for me to offer an opinion. I am thinking we will need to do an episode on flash with the Alpha system soon and when we do we will bring in someone with lots of experience.



  • I have the first gen a7R, and although I have installed the latest firmware update, I am not finding a menu item (under quality) that offers the option to use uncompressed RAW. Does the first gen not have that option?

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