AlphaMirrorless 04: Accessories Galore for the Sony System

AlphaMirrorless Episode 04: Accessories galore for the Sony system

A healthy camera system is only as good as the lenses and accessories available, and luckily for us there is no shortage of accessories for the Sony Alpha mirrorless system.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of accessories available for the alpha mirrorless cameras, and while you don’t really need any of these to make images, they can help you in making the whole image making process easier and sometimes even more enjoyable.

On this show we are going to share with you some of our thoughts and preferences on the myriad of accessories available to us.

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Wishes of the Week

  • Juan: More customizable viewfinder (histogram & electronic level simultaneously)
  • Andy: IR sensor on the rear of the cameras as well as front

Picks of the Week

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  • Please cover Capture One Pro for Sony and Affinity Photo, for those of us that avoid Adobe. And I can’t afford an A7RII, but hope to get an A7R before they disappear. Yes I’m patient, and I’d like to think I’m shooting medium format. I’ve been so happy with my A6000, but getting image lust for an A7R.

  • Hey guys,

    Really enjoyed this episode. When I was shooting with the A6000 my favourite accessory was the Manfrotto Pixi tripod. I shot heaps of long exposures and time lapses with mine. Sure – being so small it has limitations but I often found rocks/ structures that I could sit it on. What I loved was that it kept my kit compact – The A6000, 10-18mm and the Pixi gave me the ability to travel very lightweight and shoot sharp long exposures and time lapses.

  • Grant,

    We will try but keep in mind that Andy and I are both working pros and only feel conformable talking about things we use. We both use Lightroom, and while I had issues with it and Adobe, I believe it is still the best solution out there.

  • Thanks Juan. I realise you’d need a guest to do these. There are pros in the TWIP stable using Capture One (TWiP) and Affinity Photo (The Fix) and I’d hoped you’d know Sony shooters who’d made the software switch as well. While Adobe is powerful, like those who preferred the sweeter images from Aperture, there’s better quality options out there if you’re prepared to go against the tide. Great show. I wish you many more. Good to hear you’re grabbing such a large audience so quickly. May your loyal listeners grow as well.

  • I miss the days of compact mirrorless lenses. I have that lens and the Sony 35mm 1.8, and I still think the kit 16-50 is a great lens for pocketable situations and family shots, but since I got the 24-240, I rarely take it off. It might weigh 4x the (A6000) body, but I love the images it makes.

  • Do you guys have a link for the Really Right Stuff strap/tripod connector you mentioned?

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