AlphaMirrorless 038: Being Light, Nimble And Quick

This episode of the AlphaMirrorless podcast is all about being Light, Nimble And Quick. Juan and Andy just returned from leading another photo workshop in Cuba and they where often heard saying we needed to be “Light, Nimble And Quick”. What exactly does this mean? Well, Juan and Andy talk about the different aspects of this by discussing the gear (and maybe lack thereof) and technique of being Light, Nimble And Quick.

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Wishes of the Week

  • Juan: Wish I had had the 6500 in Cuba
  • Andy: Filename change in the a7rII firmware

Picks of the Week

Connect with Our Hosts & Guests

  • John Jennings

    Juan – The “instant download” for the free ebook “TOP 20 SETTINGS” did not work for me. Is there another way to access this book, a link perhaps? Thanks

    • Sorry guys, I just tested it and I got an email with the link to the ebook. I will find out why there is no message showing up. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.


  • Mark Farrington

    Yes, I’ve got the same problem as John, both on a Windows 10 desktop and an iPad…

  • Mark Farrington

    Ah! I think it’s due to no message appearing after clicking the email link. You are sent a message and have to respond beforehand being sent another message which allows you to download the ebook.
    It would be better if you could be told that right at the beginning because otherwise it looks like nothing has happened!

  • ShowHarmony

    I checked out the RRS Ultra Pocked Pod. They want $120 for this puppy. Is it really $100 better that any of a half dozen similar products that area available?