AlphaMirrorless 037: We Answer Your Questions Plus Our Top 10 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

AlphaMirrorless 037: We Answer Your Questions Plus Our Top 10 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

In this episode of the AlphaMirrorless podcast Juan and Andy share with you their top 10 Lightroom shortcuts, plus we answer a bunch of your questions. We had a recent episode with your questions, but we still have a long list of questions to get through, so we decided to followup with another episode. We where not able to get through all the questions we have on file with this episode, but please keep those questions coming, we absolutely love hearing from all of you and answering as many of your questions as we can.

We don’t always have all the answers, but if we don’t we will research it and try to give you the best answer we can. So what have you got to lose, go ahead and send in your questions to us by going to this form.

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Wishes of the Week

  • Juan: Wish the Mirrorless Cameras were not such dust magnets
  • Andy: Wish that everyone shoots an awesome super Moon today, and includes a compelling foreground, not just a wikipedia of the moon!

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  1. Re: sensor dust
    I was interested to hear you guys note that you get more dust on your Sony Alpha sensors than you did on your Canons’. I switched from Canon to Panasonic Micro Four Thirds three years ago and have not once needed to clean my sensors. My Canons were constantly getting dusty, and sometimes I had to wet clean oily goo, presumably lubricants from the mirror box. Like you, I liked and still have the Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly. However, I got a lot of streaking after wet cleaning with Visible Dust’s liquids, and I settled on LensPen’s SensorKlear pen for removing stubborn specks. Happy that I haven’t needed any of these for three years now.