AlphaMirrorless 026: Lightroom Importing and Culling

AlphaMirrorless 026: Lightroom Importing and Culling

Lightroom has very quickly turned into THE Digital Asset Manager and photo editing tool of choice for most photographers. Juan and Andy not only rely extensively on Lightroom for the management and editing of their images, but they also teach Lightroom extensively and help people who find themselves challenged by Lightroom. In this episode Juan and Andy discuss one of the less glamorous, yet very important topics in Lightroom, Importing and Culling.

We don’t always have all the answers, but if we don’t we will research it and try to give you the best answer we can. So what have you got to lose, go ahead and send in your questions to us by going to this form.

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  • Juan: Wish Lightroom was faster
  • Andy: New Macbooks!

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  1. Listened to your latest episode on importing and culling and first wanted to say thanks for another great episode and then just wanted to share some thoughts. First, was surprised you didn’t mention the concept of hierarchical key wording to make it go easier (USA/Maine/Bangor ) or (Seasons/Winter) (Wildlife/Birds/Eagles, etc) or the keyword sets you can create. I also use flagging instead of Andy’s one star system. I flag it first with P or mark it with the X (as you both do it seems). Would be great to mention it in future episodes.

    Also my method of naming files AND folders is similar to Juan’s. I use the following structure:
    camera/year/yyyy-mm (Jan)/yyyymmdd_seq_model.arw so a file would have a name like
    a7rII/2016/2016-08 (Aug)/20160808_1234_a7rII.arw that way I know where to find it but if I send it out I know the exact fie anyway. Also if you don’t sort by Camera the the camera model in the name can be helpfull, at least it is to me. Unfortunately Lightroom can’t do this so I use Photomechanic today but in the past also used less expensive Ingestimatic and on the PC used Downloader Pro from Breeze Systems which is where I learned this approach. Once loaded on to the computer I just do a Directory Sync in the Catalog Module and all the photos are added in place.

    I’ve also set up Photomechanic to use the same Keyword hierarchy and rating system so I can use it when I need to move fast. For that reason I use SideCar files in both applications.

    Thanks again, Steve

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for your note, it is great to see the different systems people have for working with their files. We did not mention hierarchical key words because with our limited time on the podcast we just wanted to cover high level concepts, but I agree with you.


  3. Hi Steven, thanks – hierarchical keywording is very good to use – and an advanced topic, we may cover it in the future, thanks. FWIW I don’t use the “x” key because out of say 1000 files, I’d have to touch that key 900+ times 🙂 I give a star, and then later sort by “unrated” to see my rejects. Then I can select all, give them an “x” and then delete or remove. Thanks!

  4. First, thanks so much for your reply and thank you and Juan for the AlphaMirrorless Podcast Series. I listen to every episode. Now I get the one star approach. Definitely see how it saves time. Is there also an advantage over using the P key for flagging it?