AlphaMirrorless 024: A Primer on Astrophotography

AlphaMirrorless 024: A Primer on Astrophotography

We absolutely love shooting stars, the milky way and the Northern Lights and teach it quite often during the workshops we teach. In this extra long episode of the AlphaDigital podcast, Juan and Andy give you a primer on all things astrophotography. We cover just about every topic from lenses, cameras, settings, accessories and much more.

We don’t always have all the answers, but if we don’t we will research it and try to give you the best answer we can. So what have you got to lose, go ahead and send in your questions to us by going to this form.

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Wishes of the Week

  • Juan: We got to see the northern lights more often in the mainland US
  • Andy: Everyone to keep their headlights doused.

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  1. Hey Andy! Hey Joan!

    This is Rafael (The Bard) from PhotoPills. Thanks so much for this episode, for the mention and for sharing our story. You’re inspiring people and helping us all learn photography and shoot the photos we dream of.

    Thanks a lot,