AlphaMirrorless 018: An Interview With Marc Muench, Explorer of North American Landscapes

AlphaMirrorless 018: An Interview With Marc Muench

In this episode of the AlphaMirrorless Podcast Juan has the privilege of interviewing one of of the contemporary masters of landscape photography Marc Muench. Marc is a third generation photographer who has collaborated on and published several landscape photography books with his father, David Muench, and has had a number of solo landscape photography books published, in addition to extensive publication of his work inside and on the covers of magazines like National Geographic, Skiing, Outside, Time, and Reader’s Digest.

In addition, Marc is a founding partner on Muench Workshops, one of the premier photo workshop providers in the world.

As a disclaimer, Marc is a good friend of both Juan and Andy, Andy is a founding partner in Muench Workshops and Juan is one of the Pros teaching at Muench Workshops.

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